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Best time for diving in South Africa and Mozambique

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By @OL_tours, September 8, 2014

Because of the many dive sites and the two different oceans that flow together along to coast of South Africa and Mozambique there is always something to see throughout the year: huge migrating whales, schools of dolphins, manta rays and whale sharks, to macro live such as the Mantis shrimp, gorgeous brightly colored anemones, numerous wrecks and rare fish like the Coelacanth in Sodwana Bay.

In the diagram above, we have highlighted the best seasons for the most popular types of species (how darker the color the more likely you’ll see them). This is not to say that you can’t come across anything off season, but that you have a lesser chance.

Likewise for the safari season: The best time is in the winter when there is not much vegetation where the Big 5 can hide behind. The overland truck from Ocean Legends Tours, which we travel with on our tours, is high and has large windows which allows you to look out further – so you can spot the animals in each season.



Best time to travel

In South Africa and Mozambique, the seasons are exactly opposite to ours: for example, in our winter it’s summer over there. That’s not to say it can not be nice weather in the South African winter, sometimes the winters are even more enjoyable than the summers in Europe!


  • September 8, 2014