4 tips for an unforgettable holiday through South Africa


How could you make your holiday through South Africa even more memorable and fun? Of course you could just rely…

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Scuba diving with sharks in South Africa: 12 Do’s and Don’ts


You would like to go scuba diving with sharks in South Africa, and you would naturally expect the dive master…

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Great White Shark Diving Without a Cage: Is It Possible?


You would love to scuba dive with the great white shark in South Africa, but without a cage. For the…

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9 reasons why a scuba safari is more fun than a liveaboard!


One of the best reasons to go on a liveaboard scuba holiday to Egypt or the Maldives, is that you’re…

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You want to Snorkel with Whalesharks? Tofo is the place to be!


Is snorkelling with a gigantic whaleshark also on top of your wishlist? Then join us in Tofo on one of…

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Diving with Giant Manta Rays in Mozambique: When and where to go


The Manta Coast in southern Mozambique is one of the best destinations in the world to dive with giant manta…

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Solo diving holidays to South Africa and Mozambique


You are on your own, single, and you’d like to go on a diving holiday with others? No problem! Join…

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Cheap Flights to South Africa: 7 Secret Tips


Discover the best time to book flights to South Africa and you’ll never pay too much for your flight tickets…

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What can you see when diving in South Africa & Mozambique?


When scuba diving in South Africa & Mozambique you can encounter a huge variety of more than 12.000 marine life…

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Sodwana Bay: The 7 best dive sites


The biggest and most popular reef of Sodwana Bay is Two Mile Reef. This 2km long an 900m wide reef,…

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Diving in South Africa: Sodwana Bay


Sodwana Bay is known as the diving mecca of South Africa because of the spectacular underwater life, the vast and…

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7 reasons why An Organised Group Tour is better than traveling alone


With the help of Google, it is extremely easy to become your own travel agent and arrange your complete holiday…

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The Braai: a South African tradition


To the rest of the world it is known as a ‘Barbecue’. To South Africans it is only known as…

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Best Dive spots in South Africa:
Aliwal shoal


Diving at Aliwal Shoal is an exciting experience: it is best known for diving with tiger sharks and ragged-tooth sharks,…

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Diving in South Africa: Everything you need to know


South Africa is best known for diving with sharks – people travel from all over the world to climb in…

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Top 10 Shark dives in South africa

Cage diving in Hermanus

The first response a person gets when you talk about scuba diving in South Africa is, “I would love to…

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Top 5 dive sites in South Africa & Mozambique

Duiken met manta's in Tofo

South Africa is known for the Big 5, Kruger Park, cage diving and the annual sardine run. Unless you like…

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Is diving with sharks safe?


Imagine you’re enjoying your dive in crystal clear water, drifting over the reef while checking Nemo out, you notice the…

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Best time for diving in South Africa and Mozambique

The darker the color, the more likely you'll have a chance to have an encounter.

Because of the many dive sites and the two different oceans that flow together along to coast of South Africa…

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Bucketlist South Africa: The best wildlife encounters


It’s no secret that South Africa is a paradise for up-close wildlife encounters. You’ll be able to see the Big…

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