Our overland truck

If you book a scuba diving holiday with us you'll travel through Africa with an uniquely modified safari truck. We had our truck completely renovated and upgraded in February 2014.

It can accommodate a maximum of 18 passengers and 3 tour guides. See below a couple of features that our vehicle is equipped with.

Equipment & Features


Scuba equipment storage

Safely store all your scuba equipment inside our truck. Here it won't get stolen and because it can dry whilst we're on the road, you won't have to put on a wet wetsuit when we arrive at our next destination.



During the tour you can make use of the WiFi on board of the truck. With this you're able to instantly share those beautiful photos & experiences with friends and family.



There is a large cooler in the truck for you and your fellow passengers where you can store your personal drinks & snacks.



There is a table in the truck that you can write or play games on. With the map you can also follow the route we're traveling on.



When we stop along the way for a lunch break, we can sit comfortably in the shade out of the hot African sun.


Large windows

Because of the height of the truck and the large windows you have a spectacular view of the African landscape which allows you to spot the Big Five more easily on safari.


Safe for valuables

The truck is equipped with a small safe for storing passports and other valuables.


Reading material

We expand our reading collection constantly with books about diving, nature and culture of the countries in which we travel


Camping equipment

During the tour you may sleep in a tent. These are cleaned & repaired before the start of each tour.


Safety equipment

The truck is equipped with safety equipment including fire extinguishers and first-aid boxes.