Travelling safely

As a tour operator we have a great responsibility to our passengers. Issues such as safety in transportation, accommodation, diving, activities, and problem solving are very important to us. Our tour guides will never take unnecessary risks and the safety of each passenger is paramount.

For example we ensure the driver doesn't drive longer than 6 hours a day, takes regular breaks and follows traffic rules rigourously. We don't work with dive-centres that take risks, for example by going out in bad weather conditions and by not maintaining their gear properly.

The overland truck in which we travel, is thoroughly checked before each departure by a mechanic and our tour guides. In all locations we only work with professionals who know the area, and who don't make any concessions when it comes to your safety. On top of that, all tour guides are trained in first aid.

GGTO Travel Association

Ocean Legends is a member of the Dutch GGTO, which is a travel association for small specialist tour operators. The GTTO fund and financial protection scheme ensures that you will be entitled to a refund of the already paid portion of your tour price if the tour operator is in financial insolvency, and your holiday can no longer go ahead.

This may be before your departure, but also during your stay on location. Additionally, GGTO refunds the costs of flights back home, when Ocean Legends can no longer take care of this due to financial insolvency. To maintain the fund, there is a small fee of € 15,- per booking.

Reputation South Africa

South Africa has has unjustly garnered a negative reputation when it comes to safety, and that is not exactly right because the local population consists largely of very friendly and hospitable people.

Of course there is more crime than in most western parts of the world, but the ratio between rich and poor are also larger here, do not forget that we are immensely rich in the eyes of Africans - and if you flaunt an expensive camera, mobile phone or expensive jewellery then the temptation is sometimes too much. This kind of theft is easily prevented by properly storing your valuables and watching your bag.

On a group tour there is generally less risk because you are with other people, and if you follow the advice of your tour guides, you absolutely don't need to worry.

There is also a safe on our overland truck where you can store valuables and passports.